Welcome to Bona Sforza University

Welcome to Bona Sforza University

Institute of Advanced Studies in Language Mediation in Bari

About Us

Drawing from a decade of experience gained by our leadership team in Lombardy and Veneto, the vision that underpins the Bari Bona Sforza School for Language Mediators was born.
The five Specialization Areas we offer are inspired by the desire to merge the challenges posed by a globalized world (where the knowledge of at least two foreign languages is essential) with the ongoing digital revolution.
The Bari Bona Sforza School for Language Mediators, recognized by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MUR) with the Ministerial Decree of November 23, 2021, and published in the Official Gazette on January 17, 2022, awards degrees at the conclusion of the first three-year cycle that are equivalent in all respects to the bachelor's degrees issued by Italian universities for courses related to the Bachelor's Degree (code L-12) in Language Mediation.

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Our Mission

The mission of a school or university is an interpretation of the institutional mandate set by the Ministry of Education. It is the guiding "North Star" that directs our educational planning.
Following Ministerial Decree No. 38 of 2002, the Uniersity for Language Mediators aim to provide students with a robust cultural and linguistic education at an advanced level in at least two languages besides Italian, and in their respective cultures. They also aim to develop specific oral and written linguistic-technical skills suitable for the professional roles within the field of language mediation.
Since 2002, many things have changed: our students, the citizens of tomorrow, now compete in a globalized and digitalized world where knowledge of at least two foreign languages is essential, but it is equally clear that language skills alone are not enough. The Recovery Decree Law for the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) of November 7, 2021, also emphasizes the need to "promote interdisciplinarity, flexibility in study courses, and the training of innovative professional profiles."
Therefore, the mission of the Bona Sforza University for Language Mediators in Bari is to educate professionals who have:
  • Excellent linguistic and cultural knowledge in at least two foreign languages, focusing on the functional and instrumental use of languages
  • Skills in the sector related to the chosen Field of Specialization, also in response to the demands of the ongoing digital revolution

Our Vision

The vision is the "mountain to climb," the medium to long-term goal we aim to achieve.
Training "innovative professional profiles" (as stated by the PNRR) is a significant challenge, but even more so if we want these individuals to be:
  • In line with the needs of the local territory and the expectations of the productive world of the South
  • Competitive in the global market and capable of engaging with international contexts
  • Prepared for the potential continuation of their academic journey

Therefore, the vision of the Bona Sforza Higher School for Language Mediators in Bari is that of an institute where there is:
  • A transdisciplinary educational process (one that breaks down barriers between disciplines) where teachers can co-plan and where their high specialization in various fields can be valued: in scientific research, university teaching, and the technical and productive world
  • An innovative educational structure in terms of methods and tools, where methodologies for active learning are activated and the latest tools to support language teaching and scientific research in disciplinary sectors are used
  • An efficient internal organization that inspires trust, supports and accompanies the student, is transparent for families, and aims for continuous improvement

Where We Are

The Bari Bona Sforza University for Language Mediators is located within the university hub of the "Politecnico" on Viale Japigia.
Classrooms and the Administrative Office are situated in the Uni.Versus-CSEI building at number 188.
The Bari Bona Sforza SSML is easily accessible from the Bari Central Station either by bus (line number 12/) or by regional trains that stop at the "Bari Parco Sud" station.